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Last modified 06-jan-2014
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Latest news

(04/06-2014) New development release V4.00r3 with several fixes.
(26/06/2013) Updated Indexprint v3.33 to v3.34, added german translations. New development release V4.00r2 with improvements and bugfixes.
(26/01/2013) Translations are for some reasons not working on windows systems. Linux systems are not affected. See also bugzilla ....
(01/08) Updated Indexprint v3.31 to v3.33. Removed older versions.
(11/26) Added to my website the bleeding edge of v4.
(11/17) New development towards v4 makes progress. Most features are working now.
(6/11) Added "" these files need to be copied to their respective directories.

What is indexprint/contactsheet?

An indexprint or contactsheet is an image that traditionally contains the negative images of an entire roll of film. Photographers used such sheets to index prints or as a proof page to decide which prints to enlarge.

Indexprint is a very useful tool to show the contents of a folder, for web design projects and galleries, personal work, or just to have a record of any archive folder in your (external) hard drives. Indexprint let you easily preview and catalog groups of images by displaying a series of (small) images on a single page or multiple pages.

From version 3.20 on indexprint has the possibility to show the exif information 'date and time', 'iso', 'speed', and 'F-number' if exist otherwise 'no exif data' will be printed. From version 3.31 and higher also JPEG XR formats can be printed. From v4 on the interface has been rebuild and also some new features has been added.

For detailed installation notes (windows, Linux) scroll down (also for lineborder 2 and other plugins).

Quick overview Indexprint V4.00r3

Indexprint v4.00r3 development
Read and Save page
Page options page
Image options page.
other page.
Extended options page.

Indexprint (or contactsheet) is a python script that generates an indexprint or contactsheet containing a configurable number of (positive) images. If there are more images than fits on the page, new contactsheets are created. Also, the image name to the images can be printed.

The pictures above are samples how indexprint/contactsheet works. For the default indexprint I have defined only three pictures on a row and three rows. I also wanted the filename including the extension printed. As result all pictures are scaled and centered within there respective minipages.

Besides indexprint/contactsheet function you can use the program also in a creative sense. Put a lot of photos, pictures in a directory, set number of columns and rows very high, and create a "random mosaic picture" with given images.

You can download in the download section the latest version of the indexprint/contactsheet plugin. The plugin placed here is fully functional and free and also published at the GIMP registry. Download and use of the plugin is at your own risk. From time to time the plugin placed on the GIMP registry will be updated with a newer version from this site. See for version 3 and 4 ( and for version 2 (

Enjoy indexprint!!

Download section

Indexprint development (v4)

Indexprint v3.xx
Contactsheet v2.xx

Known problems and limitations

Indexprint development (v4)
  1. Downloading and using the development version is at your own risk. It is likely to stop without warning but it doesn't not harm your computer. The errorlog file is growing if you don't delete it. But you can help me to test/debug this version. Send all found errors to me by sending me a mail or post your comment on the registry ( Mail address at the bottom.
  2. Changes
Indexprint v3.xx
  1. Printing with GIMP (windows version) gives a rightshift of the indexpage for unknown reasons. Use Gutenprint plugin instead. This is not directly related to the indexprint plugin. Remember indexprint print option uses only the standard printerdriver from Gimp not Gutenprint.
  2. BUG: Characters with accent will not be recognised in the top folder.
  3. BUG: When you choose 1 column and 2 rows, two columns are printed.
  4. BUG: Images with exif enabled overwrite the pagenumber.
  5. Rotate means that a picture will be rotated when his longest side is vertical.
  6. PS/EPS render defaults to 72 dpi instead of the asked one. At the moment a workaround for windows systems is to set an environment variable with "dpi 300"
Indexprint v2.xx
  1. Printing with GIMP (windows version) gives a rightshift of the contactpage for unknown reasons. Use Gutenprint plugin instead. This is not directly related to the contact sheet plugin. Remember contactsheet print option uses only the standard printerdriver from Gimp not Gutenprint.
  2. If you are working with a white foreground in your work your text will not be displayed because the background is also white. A possible work around is to disable the WHITE_FILL line in the code or use v3.xx instead.
  3. Fixed Bug "type-error" encoutered when working with newer software. This apllies also to contactsheet-smallscreen.

Version history

For a full history read the

Installation notes

Note for installation indexprint v3.xx (and V4.xx) on Windows with GIMP 2.8.

Download Gimp 2.8.x from website

Windows XP users

Note for installation contactsheet v2.xx on Windows with GIMP 2.6.

Note for installation indexprint v3.xx on Windows with GIMP 2.6.

Windows Vista users:

Same procedure as XP but be careful with virtualization. Look also at the discussion at node

Instead [drive]:\Documents and Settings\[user]\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins\ Vista uses C:\Users\[USER]\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins\

Windows 7 users:

Same procedure as XP but be careful with virtualization.

Instead [drive]:\Documents and Settings\[user]\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins\ Windows 7 uses C:\Users\[USER]\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins\

LINUX users

Contactsheet v2.xx with GIMP 2.6 Indexprint v3.xx with GIMP 2.6 Indexprint v4.xx with GIMP 2.8 Be very careful when installing the plugin for all users. Make the approperiate directories accessible (read/write) for all users.

MAC users

At the moment no information is available. Help will be grateful.

To Do/Wishlist

Only for version 2 Only for version 3 Only for version 4
Other suggestions??
Just mail or ask on the registry.

Windows release of printer-help

A helper for color managed printing. The script has been modified to work on a XPpro SP3 machine with Gimp 2.6.8-11 installed.
Read the comments on the Gimp registry (

Download windows printer-help here:

For owners of a HP CP1700 printer and using Netbit photopaper you will find here an ICC profile: Netbit profil. Also I have a profile for plain paper (OCE RedLabelArchive, 80 gr) here: plain paper profil, and for plain thick paper (OCE TopColor paper, 200gr) I have one here: TopColor profil.
Printer settings voor the Netbit paper are as mentioned on the box; settings for plain paper: printer quality normal; and for the TopColor paper: plain paper thick, print quality is best.
Keep in mind to turn off color management in the properties printer driver (color management tab) and in printer preferences the color tab.

Contact information

If you have comments/bugs/wishes/suggestions please put it on the GIMP registry site. You can also directly contact us:
-Contactsheet: Robin ( or me (
-Indexprint: only me (